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Thanks for making a Linux demo!

Np! :-]

Super funky game, i love it

Thank you! :-]

lovely, still

I'm glad that the game is still on your mind! I'm sure that when you play the full game, it will leave a lasting impression. Thank you! :-]

I had a wonderful time! The aesthetics were soooo good, I really like the character designs and the environment was superb. The thoughts you had while examining the rocks were a nice detail.

Also the brief sense of adventure was a feeling I hadn't got for a long time, I really liked the simplicity of the story.


I'm glad that you had a good time playing my game demo! Yeah, the rock thoughts are nice but I had to remove the ability to talk to rocks in the later levels. 

Yes, the adventure in the game is really quite random. Thank you! :-]

I love it! The style, the gameplay, the dialogues, the touching story. It's all good!

I felt a bit overwhelmed with the battle interface at first. Maybe the magic powers of the characters should be introduced first?

Keep this up!

Thanks! ;-]

I don't know how I would introduce the magic powers other than making a tutorial at the beginning. But, I don't want a long tutorial, I just want to be thrown into the game. I want the player to just experience the new skills for the first time in battle. I think overtime you'll get used to it.  

Yeah right, who likes tutorials? But maybe just introduce them as a part of the story. Some character or item that grants you these powers or something. It's just that the whole experience was so smooth and cozy and then the fight started and I was like 'oh crap this is serious and I don't know what all these things do.' But if that's the feeling you're after, then you've got it ;)

I tend to skip over tutorials. ;-] I can see how someone would think that they don't know what the magic abilities do but there is a description for it when choosing it and you can also look at your skills in the menu when walking around. I can also see how someone would be confused on how they got powers but I would say that it just is. Thanks for the feedback!

Nice game! 

Thanks! I'm sorry that you got stuck in the first town!

Whoa, where did the Mac version go?!?!?

I feel I must play this, and yet... I am but a fool whom only owns a mac!

I just put it back. I'm sorry. I had to make an adjustment to the file.

So, I downloaded it but it simply says, "The application "NO LOVE DEMO" can't be opened.  I'm on a MacBookPro Retina (2015) OS Sierra 10.12.6.  FYI.  

I'm going to reupload right now. You should be able to open it using Macs build in software.

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Ok it's up again. It should be able to open now. If it doesn't then it's because Apple is trying to protect you which is a good thing. 

So, basically what you get is this when you try to open the file 

“NO LOVE DEMO” can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer."

So, what you do now is go to "System preferences" then go to "Security & Privacy." Look at the bottom right and click "Open Anyway."

Also note that, while you're in "Security & Privacy," you must be in the "General" tab.

I just downloaded the game and it works fine.  My Mac is a newer version but the game should be able to run on a potato, if you know what I'm talking about. Hope this helps. Have a good day!