A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

In this game you follow Agro who leaves his home town for something new. 

On his journey he finds new friends but then they find the being called “Darkness.”

Darkness is set on destroying their world and so Agro and his new friends try to stop the Darkness in hopes of saving the innocent and the ones they love.

This game is also about the human condition.

This game is for MATURE audiences only.


Follow the devlog if you want,  where I update it everyday

itch devlog


Tumblr devlog


Download demo

NO LOVE DEMO Windows.rar 175 MB
NO LOVE DEMO Linux.rar 179 MB
NO LOVE DEMO Mac.zip 184 MB


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Nice game! 

Thanks! I'm sorry that you got stuck in the first town!

Whoa, where did the Mac version go?!?!?

I feel I must play this, and yet... I am but a fool whom only owns a mac!

I just put it back. I'm sorry. I had to make an adjustment to the file.

So, I downloaded it but it simply says, "The application "NO LOVE DEMO" can't be opened.  I'm on a MacBookPro Retina (2015) OS Sierra 10.12.6.  FYI.  

I'm going to reupload right now. You should be able to open it using Macs build in software.

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Ok it's up again. It should be able to open now. If it doesn't then it's because Apple is trying to protect you which is a good thing. 

So, basically what you get is this when you try to open the file 

“NO LOVE DEMO” can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer."

So, what you do now is go to "System preferences" then go to "Security & Privacy." Look at the bottom right and click "Open Anyway."

Also note that, while you're in "Security & Privacy," you must be in the "General" tab.

I just downloaded the game and it works fine.  My Mac is a newer version but the game should be able to run on a potato, if you know what I'm talking about. Hope this helps. Have a good day!

I adore this crazy RPG. Would be nice to have a 'censor' setting but hey.

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Thanks man! I feel like the player must play the game the way the creator intended it to be played. I'm sorry you had to edit your vid so much!